Institute of Applied Geosciences
Working Group of AGW and IfGG -ENMINSA


Environmental Mineralogy and Environmental System Analysis


Based on a mineralogical and geochemical process understanding, this working group investigates substance fluxes  and interrelationships in environmental systems with respect to environmental health and human-environment-interactions. Research activities combine geoecological concepts with soil mineralogy, aerosol research, hydrochemistry, urban geochemistry, urban ecology and microclimatology.


Our research approach uses field and laboratory methods such as air quality platforms or mobile hydrochemical and –physical sensor systems, but also KIT laboratories of  AGW and  IfGG  as well as large facilities such as the Synchrotron radiation source ANKA . Evaluation of the results is process oriented and models are applied to specify and simulate complex interactions in environmental systems. The results are used to develop measures to safeguard a healthy, sustainable environment.


This working group is a joint initiative of the Institute of Applied Geosciences and the Institute of Geography and Geoecology (IfGG).