Institute of Applied Geosciences

Lang-term safety of well abandonment: First results from large scale laboratory experiments (COBRA)

  • Author:

    Schilling, F., Bieberstein, A., Eckhardt, J. D., Haist, M., Hirsch, A., Klumbach, S., Kromer, M., Mühlbach, J., Müller, B. I. R., Müllser, H. S., Neumann,T., Sschläger, Ss & Triantafyllidis, T.

  • Source:

    In: A. Liebscher and U. Münch (eds.), Geological storage of CO2 - Long term security aspects. Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences, Springer International Publishing Switzerland (DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-13930-2_6) (2015)